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Calling all armchair GMs: Join WTR’s MLS fantasy league!

Fancy yourself a bit of a Tim Bezbatchenko? Prove it!

MLS: MLS Cup-Features Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

As we’ve done the past couple years, we’re calling all Waking the Red readers to put their team-building ability to the test in our MLS fantasy league. Come make a team and show everybody that you know best.

Signing up is simple. Follow this link, or search up the league called “Waking the Red” at

You get a salary cap of $100 million, and each player costs a certain amount based on how good they are (for those wondering, Giovinco is the joint-most expensive at $11 million. Worth it, though). You get to pick a full lineup of one keeper, four defenders, four midfielders, and two forwards, plus you have four bench spots (you can actually change your formation after you’ve picked your players, I think).

Your players get points for starting, scoring, assisting, clean sheets, and pass success. Pick a captain to get double points every week.

So, go pick who you think will be the best this season. Stack your roster with Toronto FC players if you want (I did). Name your team something funny.

Good luck!