An Ode to Toronto FC

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Waking the Red's Toronto FC season preview came out this morning, and it featured the debut of TFC poetry. We went a little crazy from there.

To ring in the 2018 MLS season, here's a poem dedicated to the Reds.

An Ode to Toronto FC

We’ve got three at the back;
A stacked mid-field,
And a formidable attack.

Or we can switch it up,
Throw out a diamond.
(It’s how we won the cup)

We’ve got Seba-Deba-Do.
We’ve got Justin and his corn rows, too.
See those guys on the flanks?
Chin up, they’re coming for you!

Jozy can go full beast mode.
Vazquez makes opponents heads explode.
TFC have broken the MLS mold.

Ricketts will get you with his pace.
Oso will dribble it into space.
And Bono will cover the entire goal-face.

Moor, Haggs, and Zavs will keep it tight.
New boy Auro will set the right flank alight.
Trust us, You won't get out of Mavinga’s sight.

Bradders is the general, keeping it clean.
Delgado’s deft touches are quite obscene.
Hasler is from Liechten-steen?

VDW has a fashion line.
Auro’s loan deal is mighty fine.
Hasler is in fact from Liechtenstein.

J-Hams could use a shave.
Irwin makes the killer save.
And Jozy’s got the 6ix "on a waaaaaavvvvve".

TFC will win the day.
We outclass any team we play.
How the hell do you pronounce "Aketxe"?

Our team is showing no signs of rust.
Pulling up bootstraps and kicking up dust.
Vanney‘s got us on the bus.
And most of all:

In Bez we trust!!

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