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Canadian Premier League website starts mysterious countdown

The CPL looks to be launching a new website later this week.


Anybody checking out the Canadian Premier League’s official website ( today would’ve found themselves scratching their head. The site’s homepage seems to have turned into one giant countdown “To Kick Off,” over top of a black-and-white photo of a foggy soccer field.

For those too lazy to count, the ticker seems to be counting down to 6 a.m. EST this Friday, April 27 (somebody please check my math because that seems kinda odd, doesn’t it?).

The CPL also sent out an email to fans today saying that “The Journey Has Begun.” The message indicated that the league will be launching a new website on Friday morning, making the former fan portal — — inactive. Fans will apparently be able to register as a supporter of the league or an individual club once they are announced.

There’s very little to indicate what exactly we’ll learn on Friday, but there could be a major CPL announcement coming. We already know that the York 9 FC club is likely to join Winnipeg and Hamilton as confirmed locations for CPL teams, so it could be related to that. However, it could be more than that.

The CPL did, of course, register a whole bunch of trademarks two weeks ago, so there could be a number of announcements coming.