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Canadian Premier League unveils new logo, manifesto

The league has revealed a slew of new branding in today’s website redesign

Canadian Premier League

The Canadian Premier League launched a new-look website this morning after a mysterious countdown appeared on their homepage earlier this week. The league unveiled a lot of new branding imagery, including, most importantly, a new official logo for the fledgling organization.

It looks like the CPL is moving slightly away from the all red, all the time theme it seemed to favour earlier in its short existence. Instead, the league is going with colours it calls “pitch green,” “sky navy,” and “ocean blue.” The crest features all three colours in a depiction of the Northern Star.

They’re not abandoning red completely, though. Apparently, CPL clubs will be wearing red versions of the crest on Canada Day, as well as when they represent the country in the CONCACAF Champions League (another assertive thrust of the league’s ambition to be included in the CCL as soon as possible).

With the branding, the CPL also released a manifesto video, which features players and fans from across the country, as well as Canadian men’s national team coach John Herdman. Also in the video are a couple more hints at teams — one fan seems to hold up a Sauga City Collective supporters’ group scarf, while another is wearing a Barton St. Battalion hat. We already know there’s going to be a Hamilton team, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility to see a Mississauga club as well.

There will, apparently, be a lot more announcements coming in the next few weeks, some of which will be very concrete — now has a countdown on its homepage to, I think, Thursday, May 1, when it says they’ll make their first official club announcement (interestingly, that’s the day of the planned launch event at Vaughan City Hall for York 9 FC. Will they be the only team announced that day, though?).

What are your thoughts on all the news? Do you like the new logo?