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TFC II 0-0 NYRB II Quotes: Caleb Patterson-Sewell & Laurent Guyot

Hear from TFC II’s keeper and head coach after their scoreless draw.

Robin Glover

Toronto FC II keeper Caleb Patterson-Sewell

On defending:

CPS: Especially in the second half we were kicking the ball into the wind. We took wave after wave and I think that’s a good experience for the young boys. It’s not easy to defend like that. Credit to them! We were good. We’ll take the point and move on.

About his penalty save:

CPS: It’s funny, we had a run of penalties a few weeks back in training. I figured I’d take it tonight, I just happened to go the right way as you do on a penalty and luck was with me today.

Did you enjoy it today? It looked like your handling was clean and your experience was important for the group today.

CPS: Anytime you can play with the younger guys you just have to be vocal, add some leadership at the back and talk guys through it. That’s part of the job so hopefully I did that today. It felt good to be out there and have a game. It’s not easy to come play one game one week and wait a few weeks but I’ll take them as they come and help the young boys as well.

How much have you enjoyed the ride with Toronto FC so far?

CPS: It’s a fantastic club that’s one of the reasons I came to be a part of all the experience. It’s a winning culture inside the club and anytime you’re winning, you’re a part of big tournaments and competitions like we were down in CONCACAF. I’ve loved it so far!

You landed on your feet because you were with Jacksonville in the NASL?

CPS: Yes, I did six years in Portugal before this, Red Bulls back in 2008 to 2010, all those experience put me in good stead.

Were you speaking with former teammate John Wolyniec? (the NYRB II head coach)

CPS: Yeah it makes me feel a bit old — he’s moved into coaching. It was great to catch up. He’s moulded them into a decent side and it was great to make his day not so enjoyable! (laughs)

TFC II head coach Laurent Guyot:

Thoughts on the game:

LG: I’m happy about the point of course, to have a clean sheet especially against New York. I may be happy that we didn’t concede too many goalscoring opportunities against this team. It’s a good performance. We played in New York and even though we were leading the game and close to scoring a second goal, it was a lot but we let them have too many chances [NY won that season opener 2-1]. If I’m being honest, I was expecting more when we held the ball but I guess it’s going to come with the confidence. We need to improve with the ball for sure.

What do you need to do to create more opportunities?

LG: We spend a lot of energy to recover the ball then we’re tired and it’s not easy. A better awareness and understanding of the game as well, and knowledge between the players. For example yesterday we didn’t have, for the last training session, all the players in our lineup so we need time for that. I told them at the beginning of the game, sometimes we’re too soft.

Defensively the other team had few opportunities. Have you worked on that recently?

LG: Yes I think we don’t have a choice. Even the best team in the world defensively is really good. Unfortunately right now we are not good enough to get the goalscoring opportunities we should get but step by step we’ll get there. We have some players 18 years old. Even with the NYRB Academy there’s a gap of two to three years.

On Julian Dunn-Johnson being excellent today especially after Houston:

LG: We talked about that a little bit today before the game and I told him, in your career you’re going to have bad games, unfortunately it was your first, I’m a former centre-back and I’ve played bad games as well. What is important is to go the next step and that is what you were able to do tonight. I’m happy for him. He’s good for TFC as well maybe for the first team. It was a big challenge for him today. We know he has a strong personality. It’s not a surprise!