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Canadian Premier League: HFX Wanderers FC officially revealed

That’s three officially announced teams now.

Canadian Premier League

The Canadian Premier League revealed its third club on Friday, announcing HFX Wanderers FC in front of Halifax, Nova Scotia locals. The event at the Nova Centre in central Halifax involved addresses from CPL commissioner David Clanachan, Mayor Mike Savage, and Derek Martin, president of the new club’s parent company.

The team will play at Wanderer Grounds, a very central location in the city with a lot of sporting history. The original Halifax Wanderers athletic club was based there, initially comprising rugby, track and field, and cricket teams as early as the 1880s. Halifax City Council recently approved the construction of a new 7,000-seat pop-up stadium on the site for the new club to play at.

The Wanderers crest is a beauty. It’s an unconventional shape (an eight-pointed star), which represents the Halifax Citadel. The logo features the Angus L. MacDonald bridge, which connects downtown Halifax with Dartmouth. It also has a Scots Gaelic motto for the club — Ar cala, ar dachaigh, ar n-anam — which translates to “Our harbour, our home, our soul.”

The team’s first supporters’ group is called Privateers 1882. They’ve got a cool pirate theme.

The club is taking membership deposits, and season tickets will officially go on sale in the fall. Additional info can be found at

Canadian Premier League