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Footy Talks Podcast: What hosting a World Cup could mean for Canadian Soccer

Plus Toronto FC and England talk on the latest edition of the show.

Canada Soccer/ Martin Bazyl

The opening day of the World Cup is always a special time. But boy does it make it a little more special in the wake of Canada being announced as one of the hosts for the tournament eight years from now.

It is going to be a long wait, but the announcement that the united bid of Canada, the United States and Mexico as the hosts of the 2026 could be a turning point for the sport in this country. Could, not will, Canada soccer has work to do to ensure they maximize this opportunity.

The potential impact of hosting the World Cup is the central topic on this week’s Footy Talks podcast. Oliver Platt of the TFC Report is in the co-host chair to give his thoughts on how Canada can capitalize on this chance to host the world.

The pair talk about the players that fans should keep an eye on in terms of being on that 2026 team. They also talk about the positive impact this announcement could have on the Canadian Premier League.

Then the conversation turns to Toronto FC and their wild 4-4 draw with DC United. What has gone wrong with the backline and how can they fix it before it officially costs the team a playoff spot?

Finally, they ponder whether Russia is going to win the World Cup after a stunning display in their opener against Saudi Arabia. They also talk about Oli’s beloved England, and what the expectations should be surrounding the team in 2018.