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Toronto FC II names Michael Rabasca new head coach

The announcement comes after Laurent Guyot left the club last week.

USL Photo - TFC II’s Ben Spencer vs, New York Red Bulls II Mike Lawrence/New York Red Bulls II

Toronto FC II have found a replacement for head coach Laurent Guyot, who left the USL club last week to pursue coaching opportunities in Europe. Today, they named Michael Rabasca the team’s new coach.

Rabasca has been in the TFC organization since 2014, as the team’s Director of High Performance. The club’s press release says that, in that role, he headed up the department in charge of assessing and helping players’ “cognitive, emotional, personality and social skill sets.” He’s worked with all levels of the TFC system, from the first team down to the academy.

Rabasca worked with Greg Vanney previously at Real Salt Lake’s youth system, and a quote from Tim Bezbatchenko in today’s announcement indicated that the two coaches have a strong relationship.

This hire seems heavily oriented toward the youth development side of managing a USL club, which makes sense given the young players that make up most of the roster. This page on the TFC website has more information on Rabasca, who has previously worked as a scout and as an occupational therapist.

Chris Pozniak and Phil Boerger will stay on to assist Rabasca with TFC II, who sit last in the USL with just two points from 12 games.