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Canadian Premier League announces Valour FC club in Winnipeg

This is the league’s fourth announced team.

Canadian Premier League

In an event at Winnipeg’s Investors Group Field on Wednesday, the Canadian Premier League officially revealed the name and crest of its fourth club, Valour FC. The team’s president and CEO, Wade Miller (who’s also in charge of the CFL’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers), was on hand, alongside Manitoba’s Minister of Sport, Culture & Heritage, Cathy Cox.

The team will play out of Investors Group Field, also the home of the Blue Bombers.

Valour FC are going for a black, red, and gold colour scheme, judging by the crest. It has a pair of wheat sheaves at the top underlining the name, with a gold V in the centre. The press announcement indicated that the centre of the V represents the meeting point of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers.

The club’s name has local significance, coming from Valour Road — a street in Winnipeg named to commemorate three Canadian soldiers from the First World War (all of whom were awarded the Victoria Cross).