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Footy Talks: At Long Last Hamilton’s Pro Soccer Team is Here

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A live edition of the Footy Talks Podcast from Hamilton, with Allan Gorman of Barton St. Battalion, and Nick Dika of the Arkells.

Canada Soccer/ Martin Bazyl

Thursday will mark the end of a very long wait for Hamilton soccer fans. For the past three years, the Barton St. Battalion have been supporting a Hamilton soccer team that they knew was coming but does not yet exist.

They persisted through the slow trickle of information that came out about their team and the Canadian Premier League in which they will play. They kept going even though there was no official start date for the league announced until recently.

On Thursday, they will finally get their reward, as their long awaited Canadian Premier League franchise will be made official at an event at Tim Hortons Field. It will be a sort of rebirth for the sport in the city.

This week’s Footy Talks Podcast was a live on-location edition in Hamilton, at Odds Sports Bar. Mitchell Tierney talked to Allan Gorman, Co-Chief of the Barton St. Battalion supporters group about the group and soccer in Hamilton.

They also talk about Canadian soccer in general and the impact that the Canadian Premier League can potentially have in the soccer landscape in this country.

Also on the show, Nick Dika, bassist for the Arkells, a band which originated in Hamilton. Mitchell and Nick chat about the World Cup, his soccer fandom, and the sports’ continued growth in this country.

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