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Pacific FC unveiled by Canadian Premier League

The team will represent Vancouver Island.

Today the Canadian Premier League revealed its seventh club, announcing that Pacific FC will be joining the fledgling league as its Vancouver Island entry. The team was unveiled at an event in Victoria, BC. The announcement was attended by league commissioner David Clanachan as well as club president Joshua Simpson, executive director Rob Friend, and chairman Dean Shillington.

The club’s primary colours will be starfish purple, lagoon blue and lighthouse white to represent the Island.

The team will be based out of Langford, BC which is on the Southern side of Vancouver Island. They will play out of Westhills Stadium, which will be expanded to 6,500 seats.

Simpson and Friend are both former Canadian men’s national team players, and they both grew up in BC. Shillington is a local businessman.

The CPL now literally stretches from sea to sea, with a 6,000-kilometre trip between Victoria and Halifax likely one of the farthest domestic away days in the world.

This brings the Canadian Premier League’s list of official clubs up to seven, with one more likely to join — possibly Ottawa.