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Footy Talks: How to fix a problem like Toronto FC

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Plus a look at the World Cup quarterfinals.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Toronto FC Gerry Angus-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it’s pretty clear that the first half of Toronto FC’s season didn’t go to plan. The reds currently sit 10th out of 11 in the Eastern Conference, with 15 points to their name, and already double the losses the picked up all of last season.

Yesterday’s 4-3 loss to Minnesota United did little to inspire anyone that a turn in form is coming. It meant for the first time this season Toronto has lost three matches in a row, as an attempt to right the ship looks like have sprung even more leaks.

So, what can Toronto FC do to inspire change and how much change should they really make in order to get things back on track?

Steve Gennaro of All in Sports Talks joins the latest edition of the Footy Talks podcast to discuss just that.

The Toronto FC discussion on this week’s show starts at 29:00 after Steve and Mitch have a lengthy conversation about the 2018 World Cup quarter-finals.

Listen here or subscribe on Itunes:

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