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Footy Talks: Alex Bono willing to take some blame for Toronto FC’s season

Plus more from Toronto FC, Toronto FC II and a grab bag of Canadian soccer topics

MLS: Campeones Cup-Tigres UANL at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

No player makes more obvious mistakes on the entire Toronto FC roster than Alex Bono. That’s not necessarily his fault, it just comes with the territory of being the last line of defence against the other team’s primary objective.

Any number of errors could be made in the buildup to a goal by his teammates. But if a ball was deemed reachable by the Toronto keeper, he is the one that will be singled out for blame.

Bono has hardly been the only Toronto FC player to have a substandard season, in fact the list of those who have performed up to expectation is pretty short. But this week in training he acknowledged that he hasn’t been at his best this year.

“I like to think of myself as a mentally strong individual, someone who gets over mistakes quickly,” Bono told media on Monday. “But thus far in my career, I’d never had a stretch where no matter what I did, no matter what I tried, whether it be extra training reps or meditation or anything like that, I felt like I wasn’t in my own head. And then another mistake would happen.”

Perhaps it was similar to Jonathan Osorio’s tweet last season when things weren’t going well last season. We all saw the turnaround that has happened since. Either way, it was big of Bono to step up and take partial responsibility for a campaign that has gone well off the rails.

Captain Michael Bradley earlier this month was right in saying that Toronto FC haven’t been good enough from top to bottom. Bono is perhaps the first to full acknowledge his part in that, and is already putting the steps in place to make sure it doesn’t continue going forward.

Bono’s quotes, and what we can expect now that Toronto FC are close to mathematical elimination from the playoffs, are discussed at length on this week’s Footy Talks podcast.

James Grossi drops by to also discuss who might be in the mix for first team minutes next season from Toronto FC II, and a bunch of big news for both Canadian national teams.

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