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Mississauga MetroStars 4-5 Utica City FC: MetroStars collapse late

Utica scored two goals in the final 40 seconds to defeat Mississauga

Mississauga MetroStars/ Used With Permission

0:00 — Final score is 5-4 to Utica City FC. After dominating for most of the match, Mississauga were rewarded with a late goal, but immediately collapsed, giving up a pair of goals and losing the match. They will be away from home for over a month now, starting with an away game against the Baltimore Blast on January 20th. They turn to the Paramount Fine Foods Centre on February 15th to take on those same Baltimore Blast.

0:13 — Mississauga MetroStars 4-5 Utica City FC — Stunning... Utica score again and the only noise you can hear is their players screaming. Fans are starting to leave.

0:39 — Mississauga MetroStars 4-4 Utica City FC — Utica tie it up thanks to a stunning shot.

0:47 — Mississauga MetroStars 4-3 Utica City FC — METROSTARS TAKE THE LEAD!! Halburto Harris takes the ball from Damion Graham, and fires a rocket into the top corner! Less than a minute left for Phil Ionadi’s men to seal the victory.

3:35 — Josh Parades rifles a volley from the edge of the neutral zone, but Coughlin keeps the ball out. Still tied at three.

9:06 — Mississauga MetroStars 3-3 Utica City FC — Mississauga tie it up! Joshua Paredes opens up a bit of space for himself and fires the ball into the back of the net.

15:00 — The final quarter has started. Mississauga have 15 minutes left to get back in this one.

4th Quarter:

0:00 — End of the third quarter. It’s been a low-scoring game so far... Just 5 goals between the two sides.

0:16 — Zeballos makes another crucial save. He’s furious that his defenders didn’t prevent the shot.

3:15 — Domenico Vitale rammed his shoulder into Massimo Mirabelli’s head, sending him to the ground. Vitale was given a blue card, so the MetroStars are back on the powerplay.

3:50 — Sebastian Zeballos just made another stunningsave! He’s been the best player for Mississauga so far in this match.

6:40 — Andrew Coughlin made an incredible save to prevent the MetroStars from tying the game.

7:34 — A fan called Jose just won a ball autographed by the entire MetroStars team, and the fans serenaded him with the the “Jose, Jose, Jose” chant that Blue Jays fans used to sing to Jose Bautista.

12:25 — Sebastian Zeballos continues to impress in goal, making another athletic stop.

14:15 — Mississauga MetroStars 2-3 Utica City FC — Utica City take their first lead of the night. The MetroStars were again burned by a low cross that was redirected home at the near post.

15:00 — We’re back underway here at the Paramount Fine Foods Centre for the second half.

3rd Quarter:

0:00: Halftime — A late goal sees Utica City FC tie the game up right at the end of the half.

0:02 — Mississauga MetroStars 2-2 Utica City FC — A long-distance shot through a bunch of ‘Sauga players finds the back of the net right at the buzzer.

0:24 — Halburto Harris is given a blue card for a tackle on a Utica player and Utica City FC are on the 2-minute powerplay.

6:24 — Mississauga MetroStars 2-1 Utica City FC — Osorio picks up a goal of his own this time, turning and firing through the goalie's legs from close range.

6:48 — De Rosario goes for a spectacular volley, sort of like a sideways bicycle kick, bu just misses.

7:05 — Utica pick up a blue card of their own, also for having too many players on the pitch. Mississauga and Utica seem to be battling it out for the loudest team award, as they are both screaming during every line change.

8:08 — Zeballos jumps up and snatches the ball off the line after a chip from the Utica forward.

13:43 — Mississauga MetroStars 1 - 1 Utica City FC — Utica tie the game. Sebastian Zeballos chipped the ball around a defender, and a Utica player intercepted the ball, knocking it into the net in the process. There were shouts from Mississauga for a high boot, but the referees ignored them.

15:00 — The second period of play has started.

2nd Quarter:

0:00 — End of the first quarter. The MetroStars have been good in possession, and capitalized on one their scori

0:36 — Sebastian Zeballos, in his first start, makes a pair of nice saves, which the crowd are appreciative of.

2:30 — The MetroStars pick up a blue card for having too many players on the pitch and will now be down a player for the next 2 minutes.

3:49 — Mississauga MetroStars 1 - 0 Utica City FC — Josip Keran opens the scoring for the MetroStars! Jonathan Osorio (not the one you’re thinking off) kicked the ball of the boards, right to Keran who volleyed it home.

13:50 — Mo Babouli struck a sweet volley on goal but the ‘keeper turned it away.

15:00 — We are now underway here in Mississauga.

1st Quarter:


On Friday night the Mississauga MetroStars host Utica City FC at the Paramount Fine Foods Centre. For the third match in a row, the MetroStars will be playing one of the best teams in the league, this time against Utica City FC. In their first season in Utica after moving from Syracuse, they have been tearing up the MASL and currently lead the Eastern division with a 5-2 record and a +12 goal difference. Mississauga sit in 3rd with a 2-5 record and a -15 goal differential.

The MetroStars have lost two games in a row, one in overtime to the Baltimore Blast, and a big 8-2 loss to the undefeated Milwaukee Wave in the span of three days. Both of the those sides also happen to be the two sides who have defeated Utica this season.

Team points leader Dwayne De Rosario (7 goals, 6 assists) has been listed as “questionable” for Friday’s match with an undisclosed injury.

How To Watch:

Match date/time: Friday, January 11th, 2019. Kickoff is at 7:35 p.m. EST

YouTube Stream: