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Footy Talks Podcast: A New York perspective on Ali Curtis

Learn more about Toronto FC’s new GM

Mutiny v MetroStars X

There is still a lot to learn about the man who is now at the helm of Toronto FC. How quickly his hiring, and the departure of Tim Bezbatchenko, played out meant there wasn’t a whole lot of information released about Ali Curtis.

We figured the best way to find out more would be to reach out to someone who covered and talked to Ali Curtis first-hand. On this week’s Footy Talks podcast, we are joined by Russ McKenzie, who covered the New York Red Bulls for Empire of Soccer during the Ali Curtis years.

He and Mitchell Tierney discuss topics like whether or not Curtis is a good fit with Toronto FC, why it took him so long to get a new job, why he left the Red Bulls despite all the sucess he had there and more.

Then, Waking the Red photographer Tagwa Moyo joins the second half of the show to discuss his thoughts on the hire. He and Mitchell also discuss fashion in soccer, including what he think makes a good kit and what makes an ugly one.

They also talk about which Toronto FC player has the best fashion sense, and who are some fashion icons in World Soccer.

As always, you can listen below or subscribe on Itunes.