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Alejandro Pozuelo named as a finalist for the 2019 MLS Newcomer of the Year

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Pozuezo chases down a ball at full clip.
(Tagwa Moyo / Shuttersworth)

In news that may come as a surprise, considering the hot and cold feelings around TFCLand regarding the Red’s newest DP, it seems the MLS Mothership has given the Wizard of Poz some love.

Today, the list of finalists for the MLS Awards dropped, and lo and behold, our #10 made the grade:

Alejandro Pozuelo has had a very interesting first year with the Reds. Despite coming into the playoffs at 12g/12a, I expected his performance to be overshadowed by other debutants around the league. After all, non-TFC lifers didn’t become volunteer scouts for the Jupiler Pro League over the offseason, and perhaps don’t filter his performance this season through the lens of “it’s actually his second proper season in a row”, so I’m pleased as punch to see him on this list.

What do we think? Token overture from the league to TFC in the name of parity, or deserved shout?