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By The Numbers: Toronto FC’s playoffs start has a historic end

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The Reds do what no MLS club has done before

TFC played a tight set, but the encore was chef kiss
Tagwa Moyo / Waking The Red

TORONTO, Ont.—I will start at the end and work backwards. Toronto FC have made it to the MLS Cup Playoffs Eastern Conference semifinals for the third time in club history, in a manner like no other since the inception of MLS.

When Lucas Rodriguez smashed home a redirected corner kick in the 93rd minute, it appeared to erase the most tenuous of Toronto leads, and more than a handful of heroic Quentin Westberg saves.

Conceding late used to be a staple of previous Toronto FC performances, so when DC equaled with all 11 men attacking, it felt like TFC’s 10-match unbeaten run (and the season) might end with a wimper.

But that was not to be. Not on this night. Here are some numbers relative to last night’s 5-1 extra-time win over D.C. United.

So much has been made of Toronto FC’s struggles with the penalty spot, and it appeared that they were just 30 minutes away from another nervy test.

I am very guilty of adding to this foreboding doom.

But then Laryea happened. And Oso. And Oso again. Finally, DeLeon decided to go top cage for the fourth goal in the FIRST HALF of Extra Time.

It’s not often that a club can DOUBLE a league record. And yet, here we are.

Jonathan Osorio had just the second multi-goal match in TFC post-season history.

It wasn’t the first time that Toronto has banged in a handful during the post-season.

Here, we look back on similar goal binges in Toronto FC’s club history. (**Spoiler alert: NOTHING COMPARES!)

As I mentioned before, early-TFC used to have a toxic relationship with added/extra time. It appears that this relationship has blossomed ever since Will Johnson gave his leg for our 5th Voyageurs Cup.

The playoffs continue in New York on Wednesday, so there’s no time for us to catch our breath (but really, drink lots of water, and maybe have an afternoon nap today?)