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Footy Talks: How Toronto got here, and what might take them even further

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Can Toronto FC win MLS Cup without Jozy Altidore?

MLS: MLS Cup Playoffs-Semifinals-Toronto FC at New York City FC Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine, when Toronto FC were in the midst of their summer slump before the Gold Cup, being told they would make the Eastern Conference finals. Imagine then learning they would do so not only without Jozy Altidore but without Omar Gonzalez as well.

But an incredible team effort and some savvy tactics and game management from Greg Vanney have the reds one game away from the MLS Cup final.

Mitchell Tierney, Jeffrey P. Nesker, Michael Singh and Benedict Rhodes discuss Toronto FC’s impressive run on the latest Waking the Red playoff roundtable edition of the Footy Talks podcast.

They also discuss whether or not we will see Jozy Altidore again this year, the incredible performance from Auro, whether they’d rather Toronto play Atlanta or Philadelphia and why (recorded last night) and why Pozuelo has NYCFC’s number.

Listen below: