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Toronto FC Prediction League: Round 43 (MLS Cup Playoffs at Atlanta United)

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TFC travels to Atlanta to take on last year’s champs for a shot in the 2019 MLS Cup Final

Toronto FC v Atlanta United FC
Michael Bradley #4 of Toronto FC walks out prior to the game against Atlanta United during the game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

TORONTO, Ont.—I want to start this one off by saying how fortunate we are to still be able to have prediction league articles in late October; let’s hope we get at least one more this season.

The Reds, who have gone a club-record 12 matches in a row without a loss, will roll into Mercedes-Benz Stadium Wednesday night feeling confident in front of what is expected to be a crowd of roughly 70,000 fans. Over their recent strong run of play, Toronto FC haven’t conceded three goals and have conceded two just twice.

Toronto and Atlanta have only played twice this season. In their two matches — with both teams boasting sparse lineups early in the year — the home team has won on both occasions.

Kickoff is set for 8 p.m. EST in ATL. I recommend you reading Brady Reid’s full in-depth preview before making your guesses because it’s a good read.

So, with so much on the line, what happens today? Do the Reds continue their undefeated streak and advance to their third MLS Cup Finals in four seasons? Or will the defending MLS Cup champions reach the promise land yet again? Get your guesses in below (team and result) + BONUS point (guess the first goal scorer for TFC tonight — write “NONE” if you think the Reds will be shut out).

Standings Update

We live to see another day; we’ll see if today is the last of the prediction league — we certainly hope not. DTM-NS and ontexco have been battling it out near the top of the table for most of the season, as DTM-NS now holds a commanding five point lead. With the bonus, that’s the maximum amount of points that you can earn today... so you never know.

Check out the full standings below and leave your predictions in the comments!