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Footy Talks: Toronto FC offseason preview edition

A look ahead as Toronto FC build towards the 2019 campaign

2019 MLS Cup - Toronto FC v Seattle Sounders Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

On this week’s Footy Talks podcast, James Grossi and Mitchell Tierney take you through the biggest stories of the offseason for Toronto FC. They react to Toronto FC’s picked up and declined contract options and what those could mean going forward.

They also react to the Jay Chapman trade and what it will mean for both the player and the club now that he has joined Inter Miami. On top of this, they talk about the Michael Bradley contract and how either way this will be the biggest factor in the team’s offseason plans.

Other topics include young players who could take a big step forward this offseason, Liam Fraser’s future with the club, the team’s tactical identity going forward, which players Toronto FC should be targeting this offseason and more.

Finally, they wrap up by reflecting on Canada’s loss to the United States in Concacaf Nations League and what that result means for the program going forward. Listen below: