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Footy Talks: MLS Cup Final 2019 Preview Edition

It’s trilogy time in Seattle

SOCCER: APR 13 MLS - Toronto FC at Seattle Sounders FC Photo by Joseph Weiser/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Sunday, it’s Toronto FC vs. Seattle Sounders III. We’ve already seen this play out twice in the last three years, but this time will have a few key differences — location perhaps the most obvious — that adds intrigue to this final.

Mitchell Tierney, Jeffrey P. Nesker and Martyn Bailey preview the 2019 MLS Cup on this week’s Footy Talks Podcast. They look at why this is a fascinating tactical match, which players will be critical to this game for Toronto FC, and what it means that this game will be played in Seattle.

They finish up the show by talking about the Canadian Premier League final as well as their thoughts on the inaugural season and what went right and maybe what the league can improve on going forward. They also chat Tristan Borges’ future and what that might mean for the league.

Listen below: