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6ix on a Wave: Goal of the Decade

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As we reflect on a decade of the beautiful game, what goals make your top two?

Feyenoord v ADO Den Haag - Dutch Eredivisie Photo by Laurens Lindhout/Soccrates/Getty Images

So, It’s time for the usual end-of-year retrospectives, with a twist. The twist being, of course, that we are saying goodbye to the teens and ‘what’s up?’ to the twenties. Another decade is about to go in the books, so here at WTRHQ, we’re cooking up some great stuff in the laboratory to commemorate the occasion.

We’ve already covered TFC with our (in)famous End of Season Awards (still time to get your votes in, by the way) and we’ve got some killer TFC content in the oven, so I’m going to open up the discourse on the decade that (almost) was with a fun, low-stress exercise for the community.

Let’s play the “best goals of the decade” game. How about the top two? Seems like a nice even number and a stopgap measure to ensure the comments thread doesn’t get too messy.

I’ll start us off without breaking a sweat: these two shouts are a country walk ahead of all others in my humble opine.

Let’s go in reverse order for #narrative:

#2 - 06/11/2017 - USA v Mexico (Friendly) - Michael Bradley.

I mean, come on. MB4, the general, at the Azteca, no less, with a chip for the ages. Every time I catch even a whiff of Bradley hate, I flash to this beauty, chuckle and twirl my moustache like a Bond villain.

The man is capable of THIS, and goals like this don’t come around that often. It’s textbook Bradders - midfield destroyer with mensa-level soccer IQ sees the game at light-speed and pounces, writ large on the world stage (yes I know it was friendly, but trust me, people noticed).

Bonus points for the ‘Six Degrees of TFC’ connection, obviously.

#1 - 06/14/2014 - Netherlands v Spain (World Cup) - Robin Van Persie

So this is weird - I just realized both my shouts are from International ties, and both are summer babies (June). I’ve already got my value out of this exercise, it seems.

Now, to this stunner. Best goal of the decade? It’s the best goal I’ve ever witnessed, hands down. Perfect pass. Absolutely perfect finishing. I’ve watched the clip at least a billion times, and it still makes me squeal with delight.

The sheer audacity to try this, and land it, just boggles the mind.

Let’s move to the comment thread - give me your shouts! (or just agree with me outright).


... Has been waiting in the on-deck circle for a spell. It’s a monster collection of the best cover songs of all time, in honour of the trilogy/rubber match/that thing in Seattle. I called it “Covers for Lovers” and hopefully the extended Running Time will serve you well on flights/layovers/long days of holiday laziness.