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TFC Academy adds third youth affiliate in Ottawa TFC

James Grossi / Waking The Red

Add another regional partner to the fold.

Toronto FC and Ottawa-Cumberland Soccer announced a partnership on Monday that will expand the TFC Academy’s branches into the capital area.

As a regional satellite club, Ottawa, who will rebrand as Ottawa TFC, will receive support in both player and coach development from the MLS club, as well as providing talent a direct route to the Professional Player Pathway in place at the TFC Academy.

Ottawa joins Windsor TFC and London TFC as youth affiliate clubs.

TFC President Bill Manning, TFC Academy Director Anthony Capotosto, Ottawa TFC President Terry Vida, and TFC midfielder Aidan Daniels were all on hand and spoke about what the affiliation means.

“As we continue to grow as a club, our best results will come internally from Canadian players,” said Manning. “We’re doubling down on our efforts with our academy.”

“We want to visible, present, and collaborating here in the community with Ottawa,” stressed Capotosto, who ran a training session earlier in the day alongside academy coach Jon Mondino for some 15 Ottawa TFC coaches. “To show the methodology that we’re using at the TFC Academy.”

“To build excellence amongst our players, coaches,” explained Vida. “To be leaders in our community. And to be the best soccer club, not in Ottawa, not in Ontario, but in Canada.”

“Joining the academy, the biggest change was the professionalism,” explained Daniels. “From the President down to the medical and kitchen staff. At a young age I learned how to work hard, [on and] off the field – in school, at home, doing chores.”

Waking the Red will look into the details of what these partnerships mean and how they are playing out in the coming days and weeks.

James Grossi / Waking The Red