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WTR’s MLS Fantasy League is back!

And here to serve as another distraction from woeful TFC outings

MLS: Champions League-CAI at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you playing again, welcome back! For those of you new to Waking the Red or MLS Fantasy, welcome as well! Here’s the short on what the deal is here, WTR hosts one of the more challenging MLS Fantasy leagues that i’ve ever been a part of. Last year gathered more than 150 challengers pushing for the top spot. To join in on the fun click the button there:

No password or anything, but keep in mind the league starts in just a few days!

The WTR Fantasy League serves as a great distraction when TFC have their off days (or years for that matter). It’s a pretty simple concept. Just create a team using the $100.0M starting budget and select 15 players for your roster who you can change and rotate from week to week, as long as your budget allows it. Players’ values fluctuate during the year due to their performances. Good performances garner a higher value and more fantasy points — scoring a goal is good for five or six points (depending on the player’s position).

From week to week we’ll post an update of the top performers, and a few (hopefully) helpful hints and predictions. We’ll also show the top ten of the league and check out how everyone is doing.

Perennial powers of last years competition included BL4CKnRED, Oldergoaler, Zahlan, King, and Bellows, among a few others. Here’s hoping everyone joins in the fun and tries to dethrone some of the astute managers above!

Any questions or comments fire away below!