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Red Hot Takes: Not much to be mad about

We did a video. Episode 2 wasn’t as red hot, but there were still plenty of takes.

MLS: Toronto FC at Philadelphia Union Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

On the second episode of Red Hot Takes (the first video episode) I was joined by a pair of writers from Waking the Red: Pamanci11 and managing editor Charlie O’Connor-Clarke. It's... um... something. (ed: I do not recommend consuming this content. - COC)

If you haven’t yet read the transcript of the first episode, you can find it here.

We discussed a bunch of topics including last week’s match in Philadelphia, whether or not Greg Vanney should “play the kids”, Jordan Hamilton, and much more. We also predicted the outcome of Sunday’s game against the New England Revolution.

Jeffrey worked his magic (including making some cool new graphics), and we now present you with this. We sincerely apologize to anybody that chooses to actually watch this. It'll be better next time, we swear.

Thanks for watching!