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Mississauga MetroStars 1-6 Utica City FC: Utica avenge Sunday’s loss in Mississauga

The MetroStars finished the home portion of their season on Friday night.

0:00 — It’s all over here in Mississauga. Utica City FC came into town and got payback for Mississauga’s 9-3 victory in Utica on Sunday, winning this one 5-1. The MetroStars play four times on the road to finish the season, starting with a game on Sunday in Baltimore.

0:51 — Another blue card is given to Raheem Rose after a challenge beside the MetroStars bench.

1:08 — Mississauga MetroStars 1-6 Utica City FC — Utica put one into the empty net.

4:30 — Mo Babouli comes on as the sixth attacker. There are less than five minutes left for him to try and steal a result.

13:39 — Mississauga MetroStars 1-5 Utica City FC — The MetroStars end the shutout, as Raheem Rose finds the back of the net.

15:00 — The final 15 minutes of the season (at home) are underway!

4th Quarter

0:00 — The visitors lead 5-0 after 45 minutes. The MetroStars have 15 minutes left to prevent the shutout, and possibly get back into this one.

7:04 — Mississauga MetroStars 0-5 Utica City FC — Nate Bourdeau extends the lead even further.

15:00 — The second half is underway!

3rd Quarter

0:00 — The first half comes to a close. Utica pick up three goals in the quarter, giving the MetroStars 30 minutes to try and earn a result.

0:10 — Mississauga MetroStars 0-4 Utica City FC — Utica take advantage of another powerplay, the same way they did just over a minute ago.

0:54 — Mo Babouli picks up a blue card for a tackle on a Utica player. He clearly didn’t like the call, and takes his frustration out on the referee again. He needs to be careful before he picks up a card of another colour for dissent.

1:30 — Mississauga MetroStars 0-3 Utica City FC — Utica take advantage of the powerplay, passing it around before tapping home from close range.

3:27 — After another very late call for having too many men on the pitch, Mo Babouli absolutely lost it on a referee. The referee warned him for his outburst, and David Velastegui heads to the box to serve the two minute penalty.

5:43 — The MetroStars get a blue card for having too many men on the field. Massimo Mirabelli is serving it.

9:16 — Mississauga MetroStars 0-2 Utica City FC — Utica double their lead. Freddy Moojen kicks it into the roof of the net from close range.

10:05 — In typical Adrian Becic fashion, he makes a flurry of nice saves to keep the deficit where it is.

10:36 — Raheem Rose made an incredible tackle, winning the ball, but the Utica player goes down hard, and Rose receives a blue card. Tough call for Rose.

15:00 — The second period of play has started!

2nd Quarter

0:00 — Utica lead by a single goal after one quarter.

5:44 — Mo Babouli jumps for a header and falls awkwardly. It’s the second time he’s been down in this one, after a heavy challenge early on, but is okay to continue.

6:25 — The MetroStars just did a video thanking their fans for the support this season, and mentioned that they’ll be back in 2019/20!

8:46 — Mississauga MetroStars 0-1 Utica City FC —  Utica open the scoring. Mohamed Kenawy with the first goal.

9:30 — De Rosario tries to curl one into the bottom corner but the goalie makes a nice save to keep it out.

15:00 — The last home game of the season is underway! The stadium is fuller than it’s ever been, and the fans are as loud as ever. It’s a perfect day for some arena soccer!

1st Quarter


On Friday night, the Mississauga MetroStars welcome Utica City FC to the Paramount Fine Foods Centre for their final home game of the 2018/19 season.

Fresh off an impressive 9-3 victory over this same Utica City FC team on Sunday, their first road win of the season, the MetroStars will be looking to win on “Fan Appreciation Night”.

In their game against Utica on Sunday, Mo Babouli was once again the best player on the pitch in what has been an incredible season for him. Babouli picked up three goals and two assists, bringing him up to 32 points on the season. He is the first player in team history to reach 30 points, as well as the first to reach 20 goals, and might fancy his chances at reaching 40 points with five matches left to play. Damion Graham (25), Matthew Rios (21) and Marco Rodriguez (20) are all within reach of reaching 30 points if they have a strong end to the season, although Rodriguez is suspended for tonight’s game following his red card against Harrisburg on March 9th.

After this final home game, the MetroStars still have four road games to play. They are in Baltimore on Sunday before travelling to Harrisburg twice, and once more to Utica.

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