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Mississauga MetroStars 4-5 Baltimore Blast: Blast score twice in 4th quarter to earn the victory

The Rick Titus era started with a loss

Mississauga MetroStars/ Used With Permission

0:00 — The Blast take this one 5-4. After leading early on in the match, a disappointing fourth quarter sees them fall by just one goal. It was a great effort in Rick Titus’s first game behind the bench, but they couldn’t grind out the win. Their next game is at home on Saturday, March 9th. Kickoff is at 3:05.

0:32 — Matthew Rios missed the net from less than a foot away, and the Blast still lead 5-4.

1:54 — MetroStars call a timeout.

3:54 — Adrian Becic is replaced by Mo Babouli, who comes on as the sixth (in this case, fifth) attacker.

5:33 — Mississauga MetroStars 4-5 Baltimore Blast — Jonatas Melo gives the Blast the lead with his second of the quarter. He calmly chipped the ball over Adrian Becic from the edge of the penalty area.

7:50 — Mississauga MetroStars 4-4 Baltimore Blast —Jonatas Melo ties the game from close-range and the comeback is complete. It’s now a tie game with just under eight minutes remaining.

10:43 — The Blast goalkeeper is going up the field, sometimes past the halfway line, essentially acting as the sixth attacker.

12:35 — Dwayne De Rosario stripped the ball off the Blast goalkeeper near the halfway line and tried a long distance effort into the empty net, but a Blast defender just managed to sprint back in time to block it.

15:00 — There are fifteen minutes left in regular time. If the MetroStars win, it’ll be just their 4th win of the year.

4th Quarter

0:00 — A scoreless third quarter sees the MetroStars take a 4-3 lead into the final period of play.

3:43 — Adrian Becic with the HUGE stop to keep the score at 4-3! He dived backwards, and had to fully-extend himself to reach the ball, and managed to push it to safety.

11:37 — Mo Babouli picks up a blue card for tripping. The Blast have another two-minute penalty.

11:40 — Adrian Becic makes a huge stop with his face, preventing the Blast from tying the game.

15:00 — The Blast kickoff the second half and we’re back in action here in Mississauga!

3rd Quarter

0:00 — The first half draws to a close. The MetroStars have a 4-3 lead after 30 minutes. Rick Titus will be happy with his team’s performance, but will want to try and tighten up defensively again.

1:00 — Mississauga MetroStars 4-3 Baltimore Blast — The Blast are back within one. Ibrahima Keita dribbled around a pair of MetroStars defenders before firing a hard shot that Adrian Becic couldn’t handle.

6:18 — Adrian Becic and a pair of defenders somehow manage to keep the ball from crossing the line, as the Blast fired a bunch of shots on goal. They did the same thing about a minute earlier. Adrian Becic is my man of the match so far.

8:19 — Mississauga MetroStars 4-2 Baltimore Blast — The two-goal lead is restored! Matthew Rios finds the bottom left corner of the net with his 9th goal of the season. It was also his 20th point of the season.

10:27 — Mississauga MetroStars 3-2 Baltimore Blast — The Blast pull themselves back within one. Jamie Thomas kicked the ball at goal from an extreme angle, and it slipped through Adrian Becic’s fingertips into the roof of the goal.

11:18 — Adrian Becic made a big save to prevent the Blast from scoring.

13:39 — Mississauga MetroStars 3-1 Baltimore Blast — Blast get on the board. Daniel Oliveira find the top corner with a brilliant effort from the edge of the neutral zone.

15:00 — The game is back underway! Blast goalkeeper William Vanzela spent most of the break arguing with the referees, but quickly left when one referee appeared to reach for a card in his pocket.

2nd Quarter

0:00 — End of the first quarter. MetroStars take a three goal advantage into the first intermission, and Rick Titus’s reign gets off to a very good start. The MetroStars have dominated possession of the ball, and have allowed just five shots, only three of which went on goal.

1:38 — Dwayne De Rosario crosses the ball off the wall, right to Shaq Agard, but he can’t find the back of the net.

3:31 — Mississauga MetroStars 3-0 Baltimore Blast — Raheem Rose, a new addition to the squad, dribbles around the Blast goalkeeper and fires in a shot with his left foot. The shorthanded goal gives Mississauga a three-goal lead!

4:34 — Dwayne De Rosario pick up blue card for holding. The Blast have a two-minute powerplay.

7:40 — Mississauga MetroStars 2-0 Baltimore Blast — Damion Graham doubles the lead! Mo Babouli runs past a few Blast players before sliding the ball to Graham, who shoots it off the post and in.

14:24 — Mississauga MetroStars 1-0 Baltimore Blast — What a start for Mississauga! Josh Paredes gets the scoring underway a little over 30 seconds into the match with a perfectly-placed shot.

15:00 — The game is now underway! Rick Titus and John Williams are behind the bench, and Dwayne De Rosario is back in the starting lineup, this time in midfield.

1st Quarter


On Sunday afternoon, the Mississauga MetroStars are back at home for their first game under new Head Coach Rick Titus.

As I reported on Thursday, both Head Coach Phil Ionadi and Assistant Coach Milodrag Akmadzic-Backo have been let go by the club, and are replaced by Rick Titus and John Williams. They will be behind the bench for the first time on Sunday, and will be hoping to lead the team to their first-ever win against the Blast, who have won all four of the previous meetings between the two sides.

Going into Sunday’s match, the MetroStars have three players who have reached the 20 point mark this season. Mo Babouli (24), Damion Graham (22) and Marco Rodriguez (20) have all reached the milestone, while Matthew Rios (19) is just one point away.

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