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Toronto FC 4-0 NYCFC: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Poz-itively Perfect!

MLS: New York City FC at Toronto FC John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

After a lengthy hiatus, the G, B & U is back... three wins on the hop to start the year (see qualifier below)... the new electronic ad boards at BMO Field bring the aesthetic up to lower tier English Championship level (don’t get testy — BMO is no Elland Road or bet365 Stadium)... Nick DeLeon lives his name; he looks and plays like a lion... the 7th minute pass by the new guy to Altidore. Other than the team’s third goal, that was his most magical play of the evening... the new Telus “maniac-flamingo” commercial... nice pass from Osorio to Altidore and nice sportsmanship between Altidore and Callens on that blocked shot in the second half... I may have been wrong about the new guy. He may, in fact, be worthy of “DP-status”... Michael Bradley’s Vasquez-esque lob/chip pass to Morrow on the disallowed goal... two regular season wins at BMO Field against New York City FC, and both have been 4-0 shellackings... Jozy’s low, diving header off a corner kick... the “former Genk man’s” flip-lob to Osorio in the 71st minute... Greg Vanney’s tactics. Finally: playing a formation that suits the talent on the field, instead of the other way around (4-2-3-1 looks good, doesn’t it?)... Auro’s ball to Chapman on the fourth goal... Jozy’s reaction to the third goal: hands on head, mouth wide open in total disbelief. It was fantastic... no more cheap, canvas tent behind the South end at BMO. Baby steps towards a truly top-rate arena, I guess... nice “Man of the Match” interview. I like the “former Real Betis man’s” air of authenticity... TFC held their four-man back line very well for all but the opening ten minutes of the second half... Montreal got the snot kicked out of them by Sporting KC.

MLS: New York City FC at Toronto FC (Sokolowski/USA TODAY Sports)

The Bad

Speaking of snot, why does the new guy keep wiping his nose?... Referee Chris Penso feeling the need to flex at every opportunity (especially while viewing the VAR screen)... I still don’t like Friday night games... three wins are great, but the opposition has been less than stellar. Put the parade plans back in the drawer for now... no more FIFA for Jay Chapman. He has to stop doing those pseudo-Ronaldo goal celebrations... no more pool time for Marky Delgado. He has to stop diving like that... speaking of pool, is Matthew McConaughey selling Lincolns or pool tables?... Morrow’s left foot rocket to the moon in the first half from eight yards out... the penalty. As masterful as it was, the soccer gods have a way of punishing brash cheekiness.

MLS: New York City FC at Toronto FC (Sokolowski/USA TODAY)

The Ugly

Alex Bono’s ball distribution. On a very light night he had five howlers. Weird thing is that he is a master during the pre-game warm-up... interrupting “The Legend TFC” song with the starting line-up. Either do the line-up before or after the song. NEVER in the middle... Laurent Ciman on the bench. Disappointing that he has turned into the world’s most expensive seat warmer... Luke Wileman’s “Sebastian who?” comment... TSN’s broadcast by the numbers: 4 — number of times Wileman referenced Steven Caldwell’s playing career; 11 — number of times Caldwell said “quality”; 123 in 79 minutes — number of times Wileman/Caldwell said “Pozuelo”. That’s one for every 39 seconds that he was on the pitch. They overused the newbie’s name so much that there were only two “Pozuelos” left for me to use in this column.