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Toronto FC 4-3 Minnesota United: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

A sweet win at Easter

MLS: Minnesota United FC at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

That was an entertaining game to watch... the Wizard of Poz. For a while there, I thought I was playing FIFA... the fans who braved the weather to cheer the lads to victory... Osorio’s pass on the third goal... the new pitch. The old one would have looked like a motocross course after that game... those dark blue, plastic jerseys. They should be TFC’s alternate shirt for the rest of the year... Justin Morrow singing “Oh Canada!”... welcome back Natasha Zimbaro... Darwin Quintero’s dancing... Jordan Hamilton take a bow, or two. Just like when I play FIFA... Laurent Ciman found his passing boots. He was responsible for a few, solid, cross-field balls to Morrow... Alex Bono’s three big saves in the second half... lying down behind the wall to take away the low free kick was a poz-a-rific move... nice 6-pass sequence to generate Poz’s blistering shot in the 36th minute... Steven Caldwell admitting that he was wrong on the penalty call. Glad he didn’t try to make a lame excuse like some other commentators do... one of Minnesota United’s coaches approached Alejandro for his game-worn jersey after the match... Michael Bradley’s glancing header in the 26th minute... I was dead-wrong about the Wizard of Poz... for a career midfielder, Richie Layrea had another solid effort at right back... Reporter to the Wizard: “Do you like playing in (wide open) games like that?” Wizard to the Reporter: “Yes. When we win”.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Bad

That was a sloppy game to watch... the rain and the cold. In an oxymoronic kind of way, it was a bad Good Friday night... the roof at BMO sucks... if the anthem kids can wear red shorts with their white TFC jerseys, then why can’t the pros do the same?... sorry RPB’s, but I don’t get the “Long May You Run” banner. If the reference is to the album, then it’s way too obscure... Uncle Ted (4th official) violently swivelling the number board. At one point I thought that his left hip was going to explode... Ciman’s appeal that he was “pushed” on the second goal... Luke Wileman getting all confused with the length of time between the Wizard’s tallies. Was it 150 seconds, was it a minute and fifty seconds, was it a minute and 10 seconds? Anyone have an abacus?... Jozy’s post-game rant about the dismissed TFC trainer. According to Altidore, this gentleman “kept (him) healthy” over the past three years. Really? How bad would it have been if he wasn’t there?... halftime telly gaffs: over-using the same replays, KJ’s dead mic, over-using the same replays, too much natter, over-using the same replays, and using Minnesota United’s logo to lead into a segment about the Montreal Impact.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Ugly

Bono and that first goal. He’s lucky Mike Keenan isn’t the coach... Auro’s hair... “Grey-Goose”’s foul on Pozuelo. On the old pitch, Poz’s cleats would have gotten stuck and his leg probably would have snapped. MLS’ disciplinary committee needs to impose a further suspension... Bono’s distribution is still crap. By the way, why was he repeatedly punching his own head prior to the start of the game?... toques aren’t waterproof. Just ask Greg Vanney... Moor and Altidore: injuries flaring up yet again, and we’re only six games deep. Bill Manning better have a top-notch centre back and a replacement striker packed away in his return-from-Europe suitcase.