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Toronto FC salaries 2019: Raises for Altidore and Osorio, Pozuelo’s contract revealed

Anything surprise you?

MLS: D.C. United at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The MLS Players Association has released its list of salaries from across the league, so we now know how much all of Toronto FC’s roster is making.

We learned that Jozy Altidore has received a raise (well, his guaranteed compensation has increased by $1.3 million, although his base salary has actually gone down by just over $100,000). Also, Jonathan Osorio is now the club’s highest-paid non-DP, with a $776,250 guaranteed compensation figure more than a $500,000 increase on his salary from last year.

Alejandro Pozuelo is on a modest $3.8 million, although his large transfer fee does also factor into his salary cap hit.

Chris Mavinga got a slight raise, and Laurent Ciman comes in at $435,625. First-round SuperDraft pick Griffin Dorsey is on a contract higher than that of Quentin Westberg, Liam Fraser, and Richie Laryea, which is interesting as well.

The highest-paid player in MLS this year is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who’s sitting on a $7.2 million deal (a hair over what Sebastian Giovinco was making).

Here’s TFC’s salary list in full. Compare them with last fall’s list here.

Toronto FC Salaries 2019

Player Base Salary Guaranteed Comp.
Player Base Salary Guaranteed Comp.
Michael Bradley $6,000,000 $6,428,571
Jozy Altidore $4,891,250 $6,332,250
Alejandro Pozuelo $3,800,000 $3,800,000
Jonathan Osorio $750,000 $776,250
Chris Mavinga $600,000 $663,333
Laurent Ciman $400,000 $435,625
Alex Bono $350,000 $382,000
Drew Moor $375,000 $375,000
Justin Morrow $330,000 $330,000
Eriq Zavaleta $275,004 $296,962
Auro $225,000 $276,667
Marky Delgado $253,000 $253,000
Terrence Boyd $190,000 $213,833
Nick DeLeon $159,528 $175,270
Jay Chapman $120,000 $138,500
Jordan Hamilton $124,992 $137,659
Griffin Dorsey $90,000 $134,000
Ashtone Morgan $132,000 $133,500
Ayo Akinola $56,256 $124,256
Quentin Westberg $100,000 $115,254
Liam Fraser $70,875 $75,875
Tsubasa Endoh $70,250 $74,250
Caleb Patterson-Sewell $70,875 $70,875
Jon Bakero $70,250 $70,250
Ryan Telfer $70,250 $70,250
Noble Okello $56,245 $68,060
Aidan Daniels $57,225 $57,225
Julian Dunn $57,225 $57,225
Richie Laryea $56,250 $56,250