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Footy Talks: Did John Herdman make the right decisions against Mexico?

Plus CanWNT’s loss to the Dutch and TFC-FC Dallas

Canada Soccer/Mex Sport

Debate has raged about John Herdman’s hiring as Canadian Men’s National Team manager ever since the rushed announcement was made that he would be taking over the job.

For a multitude of reasons, many believed he was not a good fit, or did not like the way Octavio Zambrano was relieved of his spot. Many have come around as Herdman built up wins and positive energy among the camp. However, others remain skeptical or worse.

The debate has picked up again in full after Canada’s 3-1 loss against Mexico, one where somewhat surprising tactics and roster decisions were front and centre. He certainly lost the battle, but whether it benefits the tournament as a whole remains to be seen.

James Grossi of joined the Footy Talks podcast this week to chat about Herdman’s decision, and some tricky ones he will not have to make going forward. He and Mitchell Tierney also chat about CanWNT’s upcoming quarter final match against Sweden and a quick update on Toronto FC.