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Are these Toronto FC Canada Day training tops better than their actual kits?

I mean, take all my money, but come on! TAM Winger!!!

MLS: Atlanta United FC at Toronto FC John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Only a few minutes ago, Toronto FC dropped a tweet that sent the entirety of WTR HQ into a proper tizzy, and we’re sure you’ll have something to say as well.

The more obsessed TFC fashionista’s out there will already know that this is the second, yes, second, limited-edition “training top” the club has released this year, the first being the highly divisive Pride top that dropped only last month.

(I think it’s important to clarify here that the shirts weren’t divisive due to the subject matter, but rather the execution - as WTR’s Benedict Rhodes says, “They look like a screen-saver” - and price - those tops are priced at $90.00 CAN, just slightly lower than a jersey proper).

And here we go again, it seems. Not even a month later, and the club announces another kick at the training top can, to go on sale at BMO Field less than 12 hours from now to celebrate the loss (Criswell predicts) to Atlanta United.

We have yet to see a quoted price, but imagine it will also hover around $90CAN. There is also no word on if these shirts will be sold outside of the kiosks at BMO field.

Because I know we hate scrolling, here’s that tweet again:

First things first - those tops are BEAUTIFUL. They instantly remind us of the sausage-casing, all-over-print Ed Hardy-esque Canadian Flag 2013/2014 home kits.

Also - we can confirm those models ARE NOT Tossaint Ricketts and/or Eriq Zavaletta, as I’m sure everyone assumed on first flush.

Which begs the question - Why aren’t these beauties the actual nuts and bolts, dyed in the wool, 2019 home kit? I mean, it’s not like the single button big red set fandom alight when it dropped at that CN tower event. (In the immortal words of Charlie O’Connor Clarke, “It’s red.”).

So? What do we think? Is this a cash grab from our beloved Reds, made all the more annoying when considered in the larger context of a terrible season and armies of disgruntled fans?

What about the shirt itself? Yay? Nay?

Will you be lining up at BMO/refreshing the Real Sports Apparel page tomorrow night to score one?

Let’s all go to the comments, and have ourselves a time.