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Waking the Red FC is back again; help out our cause!

We’re hoping to raise some more money for Football for Good!

Hey guys.

As we’ve done several times in the past few years, Waking the Red FC will be lacing them up once again this Sunday to raise money for Football for Good at Kristian Jack and Steven Caldwell’s charity tournament. We’re asking you to help us out for a good cause!

In last December’s tournament, we finished the group stage with two wins and two losses, fizzling out of the tournament due to a tactical disconnect without the controversial management of James Grossi. We were, however, pretty proud of our win over TSN’s team, which included a late winner and a solemn tribute to Ager Aketxe.

WTR FC will once again feature an all-star cast of player-blogger stars of past and present, with weapons like Ben Fenech, Mitchell Tierney, Charlie O’Connor-Clarke, and goalkeeper Tagwa Moyo.

We’re also proud to announce our latest TAM signing: regular WTR-er Benedict Rhodes will be making his club debut this weekend. Also, we actually get to wear red this year!!

If you don’t know what Football for Good is all about, check out their website here. They do some great work to improve communities in East Africa through the beautiful game.

Collectively, WTR FC’s squad has raised $1000 for the charity, and we’d love to contribute more.

Head through to FFG’s donation page here and help foster an extremely good cause!