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Game Thread & Preview: Toronto FC 3 - 0 Ottawa Fury (CanChamp) - (5 - 0 agg.)

Getting the job done.

MLS: Orlando City SC at Toronto FC Gerry Angus-USA TODAY Sports

FT - And with that, TFC is 180 minutes away from their second Four-Peat in the Voyageurs Cup. Full Value.

88’ - not gonna lie - been talking about Janes Addiction and the Ghandharvas for the last 5 minutes.

87’ - TFC have a clean sheet and 22 ankles to worry about at this point - WTR1

84’ - 15 minutes away from Cavalry giving Montreal all they can handle... - WTR1

80’ - Why are we not scoring heaps and heaps of markers!

77’ - TFC playing grabass in the box. Speculative headers back and forth, one of these is going in... - WTR1

71’ - Ayo is on for the third sub. Would love to see him find the target and still hoping Bono gets his clean sheet.

66’ - So close. And yet so far. Food Building, you temptress... - WTR1

(WTR 2 smells all the smells as well )

65’ - according to the teevee, Noble Okello is tall.

59’ - This match has refreshing little amount of Nani... - WTR1

56’ - DeLeon in the box put his head on a possible third, but it got too much turf to bounce in. As the Weeknd said, I feel it comin... - WTR1

51’ - Hard to imagine this team isn’t gonna pot at least one into the Southend for the supporters. This tie has more goals in it - WTR1

46’ - Ash checks in and Noble Okello becomes the 216th man to earn a first team cap for TFC. WTR cracks a beer in Nobles honor!

HT - Ottawa Fury making TFC look like Barcelona.

HT - Having a laugh in the Southend for the first time in??? Forever? 5 goals adrift, and at least for one night we can pad the stats and hope for full health. Would love to see Gallardo open his account tonight - WTR1

HT - Can confirm. Bouncy Castle CNE has started 1 night early!! - WTR1

45’ - good god is that a ... bouncy castle in the north end?!?!?

Note: of the 8 hat tricks in club history, 2 have come in this competition. DeRosario in 2009 during the Miracle in Montreal and Jozy Altidore last year. DeLeon dipping his quill in the ink...

40’ - GOAL! TFC. Nick Deleon is having himself a time. First half brace for the upstanding young man .

Note: Mullins now scored in back to back matches

38’ - GOAL! TFC! Deleon crosses - Mullins gets a second goal in a TFC kit

37’ - requisite 204 selfie

36’ - Tarps off in the Capo Stand

33’ - Ottawa are now 4 goals away from asking a question of this tie. Seems that injuries, extra goals and another beer are the only things up for grabs at the ground tonight - WTR1

30’ - Captain Tsubasa almost pulls a seba ... almost

28’ - Alex Bono has not allowed a competitive goal in 96 days... - WTR1

25’ - Holy cow - what a save by Alex

21’ - Wondering if someone can check the Can Soc rules to find out if we can donate our next couple goals to Cavalry FC... - WTR1

16’ - TAM winger misses a sitter

note: DeLeon continues to be the third leading scorer behind Jozy and Poz. Great addition to the squad. That’s 6 in all competitions. Jozuello with 9 each.

15’ - GOAL! TFC Nick Deleon buries it and we are off!

5’ - WTR 2 can confirm there are indeed people waving flags in the south end

5’ - Southend in full voice early

3’ - teams feeling each other out at this point. (Kidding, I’m in the loo) WTR1

7:34pm - the speakers in the east end stands not on - so we are missing all the anthems and legend TFC - but we are checking our card collection

7:30pm - oh no I figured out how to post pictures!

7:21pm - a few pints deep after a meet up at shoeless joes. WTR 2 : electric boogaloo checking in on his way to 204.

7:13pm - WTR1 (martynbailey) checking in from 114. Looking forward to a professional 90 from the lads tonight, finish off the tie and move onto another Cup Final.

Looking forward to Gallardo’s first start as a Red. And if TFC does the business tonight, Alex Bono will register his club-leading 6th win of the season. Thanks for giving up the Campeones Cup to join us tonight!!


Toronto FC:

Ottawa Fury FC:


The Canadian Championship hits BMO Field this week, finally, as Toronto FC comes home to finish the job against the Ottawa Fury.

The Reds enter this second leg of the CanChamp semi-final with a 2-0 lead on aggregate after Drew Moor and Tsubasa Endoh both found the net last Wednesday in Ottawa. That’s a pretty significant advantage heading into the home game, with any win or draw (or even a one-goal loss) would put TFC into the Voyageurs Cup final.

So, there’s not much pressure on TFC, although they’d certainly still like a win after the weekend’s tough MLS result. This could be a good chance for them to give some young Canadian players a spin on home turf — Noble Okello, anybody?

It’ll also be interesting to see Alex Bono get back in between the pipes at BMO again, which he hasn’t done since April 19.

If TFC can hold off the Fury, they’ll set up a tantalizing CanChamp final, regardless of opponent. They’d either get a two-legged 401 Derby against the Montreal Impact, or a fascinating clash against the Canadian Premier League’s Cavalry FC (who will have knocked off two MLS sides if they’re in the final).

This should, theoretically, be a comfortable night for Toronto. Should. If it’s not, then we can continue to worry about this club.

Team news: injuries & suspensions

Toronto FC: Apparently it’s a clean bill of health for TFC. We’ll see if that’s true based on the lineup this evening.

Ottawa Fury: No injuries we know of, but we can probably assume that TFC won’t allow them to use the players in Ottawa on loan (Aidan Daniels and Robert Boskovic).

How to watch

Match date/time: Wednesday, August 14, 7:30 p.m. ET
Live stream: OneSoccer