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BREAKING: Impact replace Rémi Garde with Wilmer Cabrera ahead of 401 Derby

Checks Calendar ... It’s not April 1.

MLS: Montreal Impact at Chicago Fire Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports

The Montréal impact dropped quite the bombshell just moments ago:

It seems the utter capitulation that was the 3-3 Draw at home to FC Dallas over the weekend was the final straw in what’s been a short and not-so-sweet run for Garde, who joined the club in November 2017.

Stranger still, the club have also announced Garde’s replacement, Wilmer Cabrera, himself just a week removed from losing his job as the head of the Houston Dynamo.

Way I see it, it’s either the smartest play in the history of the franchise, or an unmitigated disaster. Not much middle ground here.

What do you think?