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6ix on a Wave: TAM On The Run

MLS: Montreal Impact at Toronto FC Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports



We finally got to see our two newest faces, the TAM wingers we’ve been promised, start an actual league game, together. Then get subbed off.

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

In attendance at the game in question, a lovely little comeback win vs. the Impact. I found the play of both Erickson Gallardo and Nicolas Benezet to be lacking. To my eye test, Gallardo was far too direct and quick on the final ball when he had time and space to do better, and Benezet kept drifting into the middle, leaving his flank devoid of any red shirts. Every trip to the gents, listening to the TSN feed, and Steven Caldwell doing backflips about the quality of play, compounded my confusion.

For what it’s worth, I also thought MB4 had a terrible game.

Chock it up to the CNE and heatstroke/craft beer festival, because when I watched the highlights after the fact - almost a complete 180.

Gallardo was far more dynamic than what I saw from my perch in 204. Ditto Benezet - turns out his moves into the middle were all about defensive responsibility. MB4 was a beast.

I guess I failed that eye test on the weekend. Judging from TFC Fandom, though, I wasn’t alone. Many of us just weren’t that gaga about the noobs. Perhaps our standards are too high?

I want to know what WTR land thinks.

What do we think of our newest additions? Disappointment? Cautious Enthusiasm? Glowing praise?

How do we best utilize them down the stretch? Are they starters? Super-subs? TFC 2 fodder?

Whose spots on the first team are in trouble, if any?

Off to the comment thread with you and yours.


... is chock a block with some good fun. Songs about wings and wingers. And I was kind enough to put “Wind Beneath My Wings” (an obvious inclusion if there ever was one) last, so it can be a palate cleanser or a skip — I leave that to you.


“Goldfinger” is here because you can sub in “TAM Winger” in the chorus, as I’ve been doing endlessly. Just don’t forget the Horns.

“Do You Know The way To San Jose?” is perfect because “Do You Know The Way To Ben-e-zet?”.

I’m sure I missed a few choice cuts. Feel free, as always, to shout them out in the comments and I’ll toss them on.