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6ix on a Wave: Sexy results help TFC

TFC got some help around the MLS this weekend. Are the Reds legit?

Tsubasa Endoh (31) celebrates his goal to put TFC 1-0 over the Rapids inside of ten minutes.
(Tagwa Moyo / Shuttersworth)

If you are Toronto FC, let’s put aside that cagey win in Colorado last evening, and shelve that midweek back-and-forth humdinger on the Timbits practice ground, because this past weekend saw some Sexy Results around MLS.

As the season narrows to a handful of remaining fixtures, this was pretty much the best possible timeline realized.

If you pardon the pun, let’s refresh (screen caps from my favourite iOS soccer app, the indispensable LiveSoccerTV) :


Those pictures really do tell a thousand words. So, that’s me — column done.

Kidding. Though, I will leave the hard core analysis to smarter soccer minds in armchairs.

But in all seriousness, this past week saw TFC take a point at the Turbo Pitch of Dutch Angles we call Yankee Stadium, put in a great opening 30’ and sort of take care of business at BMO vs Colorado, AND get blessings from those fickle MLS Soccer Gods.

Not at all a bad tally.

Sitting here on Monday afternoon, the smoke has cleared and TFC sit in fourth place, which is good. Lots of smile emojis for #tfclive.

Yet, darkness on the horizon, because TFC:

First up is the fact that there is more than a bluffer’s chance that Jozy Altidore will miss some time to suspension (again), that’s not so good. Josmer straight up attempted murder on Lalas Abubakar. He must really hate the Weeknd.

Mitchell Tierney

Also not so good: it looks like everyone’s favourite TAM Winger Nicolas Benezet took a knock on Sunday. It’s certainly that part of the season where the expectation is that most players are nursing a bruise (or twelve), but Nico was finding his form and footing in the TFC system — hope it isn’t serious.

What is serious is the amount of swagger the reds are exhibiting:

Granted, let the boys blow off steam; I’d rather have a confident group of Reds heading into the post-season than the default discussion about focus and responsibility we’ve had to endure for almost two seasons.

My worry is that one moderately good week does not make a season.

So, my questions this week:

Are we there yet? Can we rest easy in our hearts and minds and start collecting change from underneath our couch cushions in anticipation of playoff tickets?


I’ve got to admit, Greg Vanney has once again worked his dark warlock sorcery on me: I’m right back on the #VanneyIn bus. I wonder what WTRLand thinks.

Has Greg Vanney done enough to keep his job into next year?

Off to the comments with you, and your little dog too!


... is one I’m especially proud of: it’s bookended by the original LP version and the Sh*t-hot MSTRKRFT remix of DFA 1979’s “Sexy Results” and stacked with songs as motivation to carry us through this week of very important ties. There is silverware on the line! We get to play the version of Montreal that lost to WKRP FC off the back of a goal in the first minute!

As always, let me know in the comments if I’ve missed any bangers — reading the entire playlist to check for doubles is optional:)