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Epi. 19—Waking The Red Weekly: ‘DeRo joins the Show!’

Mitchell Tierney, Jeffrey P. Nesker, and Michael Singh along with special guest—Toronto FC and Canada Soccer legend Dwayne De Rosario will discuss everything Toronto FC as the Reds set their eyes on the postseason.

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TORONTO, Canada—Welcome back to WTR Weekly x Footy Talks Live.

The Waking The Red crew weigh up MLS MVP and other awards. Will Alejandro Pozuelo come out on top or will he be impacted by a slight drop off in form towards the end of the regular season?

And then...

Canada Soccer and TFC legend Dwayne De Rosario drops in to talk about being included in the MLS Greatest 25, his foundation, upcoming autobiography, and what’s made the current TFC set up so successful.

Jeff rants about no Voyageurs Cup Final, and after a Twitter Poll, the gang discuss TFC’s preferred playoff opponent.

Waking The Red Weekly presented by Footy Talks! Let’s discuss a crazy week of TFC footy.

  • Here are the DeRo-14 - The Dwayne DeRosario Limited Edition headphones we discussed. You can preorder them here.
DeRo-14 - The Dwayne DeRosario Limited Edition
  • Learn more about Dwayne De Rosario’s upcoming autobiography DeRo: MyLife.