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Happy Holidays from Waking the Red!

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Wishing the community a safe and happy holiday season, plus a 2020 Toronto FC Prediction League update as we head towards the new year.

Toronto FC beats the Seattle Sounders 2-0 in the MLS Cup Final Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

TORONTO, Canada—Hey Everyone!

We at Waking the Red just wanted to take a moment and wish each and every one of you a safe and happy holiday season. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for tuning in and making this place such a fantastic, unique, and inclusive community to be a part of.

Simply put, there’s no other community out there that makes Toronto FC and Canada Soccer so enjoyable to cover—and that’s thanks to all of you: our readers. Without you, none of this would be possible, so again, we wish you the best during this holiday season, and we’re excited for what 2021 has in store.

We’ve spoken about this at length behind the scenes, but for what it’s worth, we truly believe that you all are the dopplers of this Canada Soccer movement... and we won’t forget that. You all are the reason why the beautiful game has grown so much and why we’re at the point we are today: you are the culture. With the world cup on the horizon—and Canada Soccer on an absolute wave—the footy scene in Canada is just about to take off.

After a grim 2020, I can honestly say that the future looks bright.

2020 Prediction League Update

We’d also like to thank everyone who took part in our prediction league this year and provide an update on the league’s current status. It has been super competitive, as you can tell by the standings, and while 2020 will be coming to an end, there’s still one more game left to play in the season: The 2020 Canadian Championship Final.

Seeing as said game is now scheduled for sometime between now and the end of days (likely January of February 2021) it makes sense to take stock of the penultimate round of the 2020 Toronto FC Prediction League, so we can all take this time to study up on algorithms towards a final push to the summit!

So here are the results leading up to that match...

Graphics ; Jeffrey P. Nesker

That’s right—a tie at the top as we go into the break! There is but one chance remaining to take the top spot! We may have to make next round worth a few more points... ;)

But, no predictions this round (obviously and indefinitely), though seeing as we have some time, let’s pick the final bonus question!

Personally, if it’s up to me, it’s a final round of the WTR PL Steven Caldwell Qual Eh Teh Drinking Game!

What do you say?