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6ix on a Wave: A review of the 2020 Toronto FC SSH Package

TFC are going digital... what do we think about the 2020 season seat holder package?

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Gonna need 6ix irons on double shifts
Tej Sahota

Another year, another Season Seat Holder package drops.

Full Disclosure: I have yet to actually receive mine, but that is more down to the admin of having it delivered to my office over my apartment than any negligence on MLSE’s part.

It’s important to give MLSE its due and get it down in digital amber early because the overwhelming response to this year’s ‘package’ has been, well, not very good.

Continuing with the trend that began a few years back, this years SSH package is getting shade from the faithful not because of what it contains (though we’ll speak more on that later), but rather what it omits.

Previously, TFC Members were treated to SSH packages containing physical tickets (usually gussied-up foil embossed collectible versions), coupon books for pizza and soft drinks, club branded ephemera, and, of course, the members-only scarf—all packaged in a neat, keepsake box, graphic designed to within an inch of its life.

This year, none of that razzle-dazzle. Not even the keepsake box. This year, we get scarves and regret, hold the onyx.

You read that right, sports fans. A scarf or two, packed in a standard cardboard box. And while I have yet to judge for myself, even the scarf is garnering mixed reviews.

Now I’m no scarf expert, but I’m equally as far from a novice... and from the pictures and videos, that scarf looks like it’s made of Fun Felt. Those are not the kind of wrinkles I expect to see in a supporters scarf. Full stop. However, Fun Felt itself is very on trend with the whole FORWARD25 90’s throwback MLS25 vibes.

Naturally, cries of “cheap” and “substandard” ring out across the internet, attitudes from fans that certainly aren’t helped by the club’s decision to go paperless with respect to season tickets.

As you can see in the bottom left panel in the embed above, both the tickets and the member’s card that gives us 15 per cent off merch and etc. are now the exclusive domain of the TFC app.

This has people pissed. Sure, discount 50 per cent of this noise as coming from the same people that actually use those glossy tickets (I’ve seen them, sad, bent and discarded, no longer near-mint, all over BMO—single tear), but the club has gone all in on digital, there will be growing pains.

Now, as a Forge FC SSH, I’ve had a year’s head start. With the caveat that screen protectors and those ticket scanners make awful bedfellows, I’m ok with this—I just have to suffer through the initial anxiety of no PDFs in my pocket. (In truth, I’m also saving myself the anxiety of remembering to print those things in the first place). At the end of the day, your phone is out for the pat-down anyway, why not have it pull double-duty?

I am going to miss that membership card, though. Even though my Costanza Wallet will thank me, that was an awesome piece of kit I was proud to carry around. The idea of a digital approximation doesn’t give me that same dopemine hit.

But enough about me—What do YOU think of the new packages?

As always, let your fun felt freak flag fly below, in the comments!

UPDATED Feb. 20, 2020 at 11:04 A.M.

It would appear that the club went old school, like class system old-school, with the members-only scarves this season. It’s a decision sending ripples through fandom and one that all but ensures the only people actually wearing said scarves outside will undoubtably be more into the humble brag than anything else.

It’s true. Some SSHs received scarfs with a different club crest: “Premium Member” vs. “Member”, both with a different colour palate and, inexplicably, a variation on the ordering of “Club, City, House, Supporter.”

I’m usually quite the apologist for this kind of stuff, but I truthfully can’t with this one, especially considering this wasn’t publicized at all, rather a ‘fun’ surprise. As you can expect, the internet has not been kind; it has been salty.


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