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Toronto FC drops new 2020 ‘Unity Kit’

Check out the new TFC kit and others around MLS to commemorate Adidas x 25 years!

Jordan Ullman and Majid Al-Maskati aka Majid Jordan model the Toronto FC kit during MLS FORWARD25 at Hotel Pennsylvania.
(Burke/USA TODAY Sports)

Toronto FC are going grey.

Only a few days ago, The Vocal Minority’s Mark Hinkley joined me to critique and grade this years crop of MLS Kits, in leak form. Today, at a special event during New York Fashion Week, FORWARD25, the official jerseys were unleashed upon the world in all their ... glory?

According to MLS website, “last season’s MLS Cup finalists looked to embody the culture of Toronto in the kit, with their traditional red accenting the gray. The jersey also features a Toronto flag as well as the words “All for One” as a nod to all the surrounding cities in which TFC pulls support.”

Yeah, I’m still sore about the Onyx.

Anyhoo, it appears on knee-jerk that most of the leaks were bang-on. I’m rushing to hit publish on this for YOUR benefit, so don’t take me to task for missing a major bombshell or twelve.

As for the TFC kit. Leak was legit, down to the sash graphic. Check out the photos in that hyperlink and HOLY HELL IS THE NEW ANTHEM JACKET ONYX?????!1?


The club’s first sleeve sponsor was also revealed, a new league wide initiative for 2020 and beyond. It appears that both the new away and 2019/20 home Toronto FC kits will now feature the General Electric logo on the right sleeve, as Jozy Altidore leaked in an instagram post from earlier today. It’s a classy and classic logo, so we kinda won the lottery there.

Stay tuned for a proper follow up 6oaW where Mark and I compare the actual kits against the leaks and revisit our grades. For now, a little cut and paste for context. Here’s some pictures of the leak, and our blurbs and grades:

Toronto FC 2020 SECONDARY ‘Unity Kit’

Jeffrey P. Nesker — Meh. I’m staring this down for the umpteenth time and still find no Onyx to speak of. Why? Why? Why? Should’ve been Onyx. NEEDS TO BE ONYX. Aside from my “no onyx, no party” protest, it’s a decent kit - despite the lack of Onyx. Did I mention I wanted an update of the 2014 Onyx away kit? I did and still do. All that being said - I absolutely hate the one crosshatch on the lower torso, makes it look like a kimono/sarong/sari/crap. GRADE: a solid B+

Mark Hinkley — White with red stripes. I have been bored to tears with these kits and this one, on the surface, should be in the bottom half. But... I like it. The red cuffs add balance to a very white/light grey shirt, which can be rather dull to the eyes. That background makes no discernable sense, six white and grey thinner stripes, then two white then grey thicker stripes. My first reaction was that they found a zany windbreaker from the 80s and stripped away all of the colour, then dropped it into the background. It has personality. In my eyes, this might be one of the best kits in the lot. GRADE: B

So what do we all think about the new kit? Did it meet or exceed expectations, based on the leak? Have your say in the comments!