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6ix on a Plague: We are Team Toronto

During tough times like these, it’s important that we understand and appreciate what ‘community’ is all about.

MLS: Nashville SC at Toronto FC
The Fortress by the lake ... abandoned
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Interesting times in TFC-Land. Interesting times, writ large. Are we heading for a new normal? Did we miss the first three horsemen?

It’s been an interesting week, to be sure. It’s safe to assume things are going to get more ... interesting.

MLS: Nashville SC at Toronto FC
I’m not crying...
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

But at least we have each other. We’re very proud of the community we’ve built over the years here at WTR, and certainly, we all feel an obligation to keep the community loud, proud and most of all, engaged, while the world outside goes quiet.

Because it is all about community. Witness the recent Team Toronto Fund initiative:

We’re banding together, looking out for one another, and at the very least, enjoying the memes.

Thank you for suffering through that word salad, because, really, what can we say about the Coronavirus Pandemic that hasn’t already been said, beyond “ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH”?

So, let’s all cuddle around our technology, surrounded by our stashes of toilet paper and Mr. Noodles, and have a bit of fun. Looks like we’ll all have a surfeit of extra time.

Let’s groupthink the best possible 6oaW COVID-19 Playlist!

WTR-HQ got us off to a running start, but this is OUR PLAYLIST.

No shouts dissmissed outright—nothing is gospel. Let’s try to cover all the genres, all the time-periods, all global music, even. We represent quite the cross-section in terms of personal tastes and areas of expertise. I believe in us!

Bragging rights will be handed out to the recommends that are the cheekiest, and special points alloted to picks that have some kind of soccer/TFC/pandemic crossover.

Without further ado, here’s the playlist link:

Remember, this is a work in progress, designed to be refined by us, argued over endlessly - by us, additions made, deletions considered, and eventually, we will all tie a bow on it and pat ourselves on the back via digital channels.

Let’s do this!