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OFFICIAL: Alphonso Davies agrees to new 5-year contract with Bayern Munich

The Canadian phenom signs a new deal through 2025 with the German giants

Soccer: International Champions Cup-FC Bayern Munich at Real Madrid Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It’s another Monday (???) in the after-times. Roll out of bed, roll onto couch. Check the news, become enraged, rinse, repeat. Maybe buy some kits online, maybe drool over the expensive ones and not pull the trigger. Be kind to the mail gods as they only bring presents to the good ones.

Woke up today expecting another Monday of meh, and yet, behold! Finally! Some good news!!!

It would appear that Canadian Wunderkind Alphonso Davies has impressed enough at Bayern Munich to merit a new deal. Anyone surprised by this news hasn’t been keeping up. Davies went from prospect to starter without so much as a pause for breath, and he’s been tearing up the Bundesliga like a man possessed.

Today the team announced—with great fanfare—that they have extended Phonzie’s deal through to 2025. No mention of the money and I’m not going to hazard a guess and potentially cast a pall on the celebrations. Fun fact, at 24 years old (when this extension expires), he will still be a few years shy of his prime.

“I am very happy. FC Bayern is one of the best clubs in the world, and for me it’s a dream come true to play here,” Davies told the FC Bayern website. “I felt happy from day one. I want to win as many titles as possible with this club. The mentality of always wanting to win everything is in FC Bayern’s DNA.“

We are still chuckling at WTRHQ over this photo. Imagine this dropping six months ago:

It looks like Phonzie stepped away from Tik-Tok thirst-traps long enough to learn capable German, too:

What are we thinking about the news? Is this a good thing? Would you have preferred if he moved to a different club? Let us know in the comments!

BREAKING: it appears we may get a chance to see Phonzie in action sooner then expected:

And, of course, everybody stay safe!