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Footy Talks: Kunle Dada-Luke on joining Atletico Ottawa and increased opportunity for young players in Canada

Plus James Grossi on the difficulties of soccer returning in North America.

Canada Soccer - Flickr

With soccer slowly but surely making its way back across the globe, the Footy Talks podcast is back as well. On this week’s return edition of the show, Kunle Dada-Luke of Atletico Ottawa joins the show.

Dada-Luke chats with Mitchell Tierney about joining a completely new club, the increased opportunities that young Canadian players now enjoy, and his goals for the upcoming Canadian Premier League season.

James Grossi of then joins the show to discuss Alphonso Davies and the opportunity he has with the spotlight squarely on the Bundesliga right now. They also chat the challenges both Major League Soccer and the Canadian Premier League will have in their attempt to return to play.

Finally, they talk about the fact that Concacaf will now have to scrap their World Cup qualifying format and how this is likely a boost for the Canadian men’s national team in their attempt to qualify for the 2022 World Cup.

Listen below: