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Northern Exposure: Canada Soccer continues to connect fans through COVID-19 crisis

Interviews, podcasts, webinars—if you’re missing Canada Soccer players, check this out.

A Canadian supporter holds her national flag ahead of the France 2019 Women’s World Cup round of sixteen football match between Sweden and Canada

The Canadian Women’s National Team launches new webinar series

Canada Soccer continues to put out quality content with the addition of a new podcast series called Inside #CANWNT. This webinar is part of the larger Canada Soccer Nation Inside platform which includes a variety of content and activities meant to keep the Canadian soccer community connected and engaged.

The first episode of Inside #CANWNT features a Players’ Lounge hosted by Rhian Wilkinson, Women’s National Team Assistant Manager, and Robyn Gayle, Excel Mental and Cultural Manager. Their hosts will be Kadeisha Buchanan, Allysha Chapman and Diana Matheson. Getting to hear the players, the coaches, and the rest of the team behind the team discuss Canadian soccer will be educational and fun. You can also catch more Canadian women’s soccer talk on OneSoccer’s Happy Hour hosted by Andi Petrillo, Carmelina Moscato and Laura Armstrong.

Men’s Excel 102 webinar recap

Jonathan Osorio made an appearance on the second episode of the Canadian Men’s National Team webinar, Men’s Excel 102. This episode covered on-field team structures and the strategies utilized in each part of the pitch to move the ball toward the opposition’s goal in preparation for the final action of shooting on net.

Osorio understands the balance needed between an organized structure that allows for overall stability while still giving individual players the freedom to express themselves. It has been a real treat over the past few years to witness the on-field chemistry develop with this team as they continue to practice and perfect these tactics.

Exposing soccer coaches from across the country to these national team tactics is an excellent way to create synergy between all the various regions and levels of the soccer community. When players are taught these lessons from an early age it makes their transition into the national team quicker and easier because they are already familiar with the expectations. Well done to Canada Soccer for making this possible.

Canada Soccer Nation Podcast hits the air

The new Canada Soccer Nation Podcast hosted by Jason deVos, Director of Development for the Canadian Soccer Association and Canada Hall of Fame inductee, has released its first two episodes. Jason deVos is a Canadian soccer legend and will forever be remembered for his winning goal against Colombia in the 2000 Gold Cup final. Check out his recent interview on OneSoccer’s Inside the Game hosted by Gareth Wheeler. Mr deVos is joined on the podcast by co-host Brad Fougere, Digital and Corporate Communications Manager with Canada Soccer.

The new podcast is an excellent opportunity to explore the world of grassroots soccer in Canada. Topics will be covered such as the common challenges faced by soccer organizations from coast-to-coast. Coaches, players, administrators and officials from across the country will share their insights into the work Canada Soccer is doing to overcome those challenges so others can learn from their experiences. Sure to be worth the listen.

PFACan Executive Director interviewed on The Vocal Minority podcast

Dan Kruk, the Executive Director of the The Professional Footballers Association Canada (PFACan), was recently a guest on The Vocal Minority podcast. The PFACan is a players union representing elite Canadian soccer players. It is the brain child of Marcel de Jong and Issey Nakajima-Farran. You can listen to the podcast here.

International travel a major barrier for leagues talking about a return to play

No doubt we would all love to see the return of sports, but travel restrictions are major obstacles to sports leagues who are wanting to return to play. Many of the North American leagues require cross-border travel between Canada and the US and those borders are only open for those with ‘essential worker’ status. Leagues such as MLS and Concacaf Champions League would need to receive special status to allow their teams to travel internationally. According to the article, “At this point in time, there has been no determination as to whether athletes or professional sport would be considered essential.”