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CanPL’s proposed strategy for 2020 season moves forward after unanimous agreement

The league, clubs, and owners have all bought in to the new structure, and in-depth player discussions begin this week.

CPL: Canadian Premier League Finals
Nov 2, 2019—Forge FC midfielder David Choiniere (7) celebrates with teammates after agoal against the Cavalry FC in the second half during a Canadian Premier League soccer final match at Spruce Meadows.
(Belski/USA TODAY Sports for CPL)

The Canandian Premier League is in the final stages of resuming play after the league, owners, clubs, and players have all agreed on a yet undisclosed structure for the 2020 season.

“We started this process behind the scenes many weeks ago in consultation with our owners on the many details and protocols required to safely return to the field of play, and potential opportunities that may emerge,” said David Clanachan, Canadian Premier League Commissioner. “This led to the next step of a collaborative discussion with the players this week.”

While virtually every league in every sport has been examining ways of restarting play in the midst of the pandemic, health concerns have been the ongoing obstacle. Leagues have gone out of their way to institute mandatory precautions regarding physical contact. To this extent, the unanimous agreement of CanPL’s strategy is promising.

“Since the suspension of sanctioned soccer on 13 March, Canada Soccer has worked closely with all stakeholders including the Canadian Premier League and our Provincial and Territorial Member Associations to ensure the health and safety of all who participate in the game of soccer in Canada,” said Peter Montopoli, Canada Soccer’s General Secretary.

In depth discussion with the players are set to begin this week. While the players will certainly be anxious to resume play so far the preliminary impressions have been well received.

“I and the rest of the squad are looking forward with excitement, energy and enthusiasm as we work towards a return to play,” said HFX Wanderers player Alex De Carolis. “The CPL has gone to the extreme in ensuring player, staff, and club safety as we discuss a new format of play for the 2020 season.”

There is no word on how fans and in-person viewership will function as of yet, but at the current pace, it is likely that the comprehensive strategy will be unveiled in the coming days.