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By The Numbers: The TFC Congregation reconvenes vs. D.C United

We’ll see you Sunday morning.

(Toronto FC)

TORONTO, Canada—It is fitting that the theme of the 2020 Toronto FC season was The Congregation.

Things will get back underway on Sunday morning at 9 a.m. EST, and like many Houses of Worship, the future is unknown, buckets of faith will be required, and we’ll hope the fans are the only one’s nursing hangovers.


If the reigning Kings of the East follow their journey in quest of another Star, they’ll need to progress out of Group C, which includes Old Testament clubs (MLS 1.0) New England Revolution & DC United and is rounded out by the the Abel to Toronto’s Cain: the Montreal Impact.

New England got the jump on Montreal during Thursday night’s Group Genesis match with the slightest of margins — a 1-0 victory.

Since the top two teams from each group progress (along with some wildcards) The Reds will go a a long way to gaining a group play afterlife with a three-point win against DC United.


With only 3 days between competitive matches and considering the heat and long layoff the team has endured, Coach Greg Vanney will be relying on depth at each position — two by two — if he hopes to steer the ship through the 40 days and 40 nights of this tournament. Expect to see first-team debuts from a number of young players like Jayden Nelson and Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty.


If the Reds hope to make the journey to the mountain top (CCL berth) then they’ll need to rely on each other and the strength of the group. Hopefully they’ve found someone who can turn this...

...into an appropriate bounty, but for the sake of the 9am kickoffs, I suggest they skip over turning their water into wine.


If Toronto hopes to not be banished from The Bubble like Dallas and Nashville, they’ll want to get at least two wins with their remaining matches coming against Montreal (July 15) and group leading New England on (July 21).

And it’s probably worth steering clear of apples, just to be safe.