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6ix on a Wave : The 9 am games are OVER for Toronto FC

So fresh and so clean. We got a clean sheet, but was it a treat?

MLS: New England Revolution at Toronto FC Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


Here I sit, on my couch, hunched over my laptop, Episode 3 of Waking The Red Weekly is the books, and our special guest Michael leach is undoubtedly on round 3 of his liquid lunch by now.

As my cat repeatedly paws at me in search of his very own Carbohydrate Snack, let’s once again take the pulse of WTR-land because Toronto FC is into the knockout stages of the Mickey Mouse Cup, and I’m not at all sure if we’re ready.

These 9am games are killers. Everyone knows it, and by virtue of the chaos that opened this tournament, TFC have played 2 of their 3 games in this less than coveted time-slot.

It’s hot, it’s humid, the sun is high in the sky. Less than ideal for a proper football match.

But is it enough of an excuse? Especially considering the only night game the reds have played thus far, the team still exhibited the same leaky defense and vulnerabilities in transition.

As we wait for the Montreal game to kick off later tonight, and properly wake up after destroying our collective circadian rhythms, let’s indulge ourselves a classic WTR debate.

Do we think TFC are ok moving forward, or are they overachieving and headed for a crash?

Onward, to the comments, let’s have ourselves a time.


Is a hodgepodge of tunes I’m digging at present, and tunes that adhere to the loose narrative of “Clean” and “Clean-sheets”. Seeing as Bono was such a stud for us today, there will be some U2 shouts.