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Brampton Soccer Roundtable: WTR speak to Valour FC signing Shaan Hundal

The Bramptonian joined Benedict Rhodes and Tej Sahota to chat all things Brampton and soccer-related

USL Photo - TFC II’s Hundal against Richmond
Shaan Hundal in action with Toronto FC II in 2017
Martin Bazyl

BRAMPTON, Canada—If you know, you know.

Brampton, Ontario has long been a hot spot for Canadian soccer. It has been said that if you don’t know where a Canadian soccer player is from, there’s a 90 per cent chance they’re from Flower City.

Shaan Hundal is one of those players, and after a recent move to Valour FC in the Canadian Premier League, he joined WTR’s Benedict Rhodes and Tej Sahota for an in-depth discussion about a number of topics.

The former Toronto FC II striker talks about his time with The Young Reds, his recent move to Valour FC, his love for the city of Brampton, and his experience as a first generation Punjabi-Canadian soccer player, among other things.

Check out the full interview below!