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6ix on a Wave: Should Toronto FC be participating in the MLS is Back Tournament?

We want to hear from you as Jeffrey P. Nesker shares his thoughts on the MLS Bubble and whether or not you’re a bad person for wanting to see your favourite club back in action.

MLS: New York City FC at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto, Canada. 1:32PM.

It’s less than an hour since we wrapped the first proper episode of Footy Talks Waking The Red Weekly, and I’m still basking in the afterglow, though I did stupidly step outside into the blast furnace that is downtown Toronto and summarily melted into a Jeff-sized puddle.

We thought it went off like gangbusters; Tej got a dig in on me and my nascent Air Bike addiction, and I finally got to ask Oliver Platt about his metoric rise from WTR managing editor to OneSoccer Punditry extreme. We can’t wait to do it all again with a fresh crop of guests and banter next Tuesday.

Before Arsenal take to the pitch and dismantle Mitchell Tierney’s Foxes, I’d thought I’d get in a quickee 6oaW and take the community’s temperature (pun very much intended).

Truth be told, we were a bit nervous about today’s chat, seeing as even a perfunctory look at the #TFClive thread last night was chock a block with, shall we say, less than glowing takes on the tournament and TFC’s participation in it.

We’re all feeling the same, the pendulum in constant flux between “Toronto ‘till I die” and “Is Toronto heading into a massive clusterf**k and am I the bad guy for even thinking about a return to play?”. Trust us. We are in near constant debate here at WTR HQ.

But facts is facts. Even with FC Dallas pulling out yesterday and five Nashville SC players testing positive today, the league appears to be full steam ahead with the Mickey Mouse Cup. Cue the parade of postponements and rescheduling (and we still haven’t heard a peep about what happens to FC Dallas’ group now that they are out of the tournament).

It gets better, though. As I was grabbing that above tweet to embed, I noticed that the Vancouver Whitecaps have announced several players have opted out of the tournament.

But hey, at least every player has now been tested.

So, yeah, good times all around. Safe to say the whole enterprise is a moving target and news is coming thick and fast, but, has that ever stopped me from tossing out a question?

Nope! So here it is:

Should Toronto FC be participating in the Mickey Mouse Cup?

Bring the hot takes and the hyperbole! This is a safe space.


Is a work in progress on the subject of “Masks”, seeing as they just became mandatory in all indoor public spaces around the GTA. I appreciate any/all shouts for inclusion.